Gamma World and Star Frontiers Minis – Who Wants ‘Em?

In the course of buying stuff on eBay, I happen to have collected some miniatures that I am dead certain I will never in a million years use:

  • TSR 5502 Gamma World/Star Frontiers Pure Strain Humans (3 figures/pack, 2 packs)
  • TSR 5802 Star Frontiers Funnel Worm & Korrvarrs (4 pieces, assembly required, 3 packs)

Anybody want these? They’re all still in the blister packs, and are 25mm scale.

I’d prefer a trade for any spare 15mm medieval/fantasy figures you’ve got lying around (because most people don’t use 15mm these days), but I’d be happy to just send them to a good home where they’ll get painted and used. Either post in the comments or email me offline if you’re more comfortable with the anonymity; the address is off to the right and down at the bottom.

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6 thoughts on “Gamma World and Star Frontiers Minis – Who Wants ‘Em?

  1. @Joseph: I had a feeling you'd say that… $5 donation in your tip cup. Done.

    I looked up the TSR number that you posted, and when I saw a pic of the minis… I'm on the hunt for cool monsters for my mini project.

    I'll email my address over. Thanks again.

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