Dreamation 2011 is Upon Us!

Dreamation is one of several local conventions that I am lucky enough to have within driving distance. This one is February 24-27 in Morristown, NJ. And right now I have submitted, but not gotten final approval for, a couple of games.

First, are a couple of session of the great board game Red Dragon Inn. This is a really great game that explores what happens after the party returns from the dungeon. It’s a light-hearted game where the one who wins is the one who survives an evening of drinking, gambling, and brawling.

Second, I will be running one of the ultimate classic convention modules; S2 White Plume Mountain. Can you rescue one of the three magical weapons from the evil wizard Keraptis?

And the third one I have not actually submitted because I haven’t got past the outline stage. I’m not sure I’ll actually be submitting it, as I’m not sure it would be ready. If I get a lot done on it in the next month and a half, I will. This is the one whose map is not based on a placemat pattern…

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  1. Hey, thanks for the heads up that registration is open! Red Dragon Inn is a lot of fun. The $50 registration fee is getting pretty rough, though.

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