Random thoughts on the drow and Lolth and stuff

I’ve taken the plunge and started to work on a couple of things I mentioned idly in the past; D4 City of Spiders and Q2 Web of Souls. The first is an expansion of the classic D3 Vault of the Drow, a city adventure geared towards allowing the PCs to become involved in some of the intrigues playing around the Vault, as well as giving them the information needed to actually figure out what’s going on with Lolth’s platinum egg and the Elder Elemental God. The second is a complete replacement for the, frankly, questionable Q1 Queen of the Spiders, featuring both Lolth and the Elder Elemental God. As I started writing, I realized that the two needed to be a pair; without D4, Q2 would be impossible for anyone to figure out, and without Q2, D4 would be wasted, since there was nowhere to go to thwart the EEG!

That said, for obvious reasons these will be free, done as a labor of love just as my G1-A expansion was a few months ago. (If anyone wants to contribute some art gratis, wouldn’t it be great to turn this into a big community thing?)

D4 would build heavily on the wonderful Vault of the Drow article by Frederick Wiening in Dragon Magazine 298. The PCs have to first make contact with the enemies of House Eilservs to learn their weaknesses (and how to completely imprison the Elder Elemental God), and then turn around and figure out how to get the platinum egg from Lolth. Since that involves either killing her or driving her off, it’s going to be a delicate operation. On top of that, there will be forces looking for strangers in Erelhei-Cinlu, and if they are known to either the Eilservs or their enemies, that could be even harder to avoid. Ask too many of the wrong questions, and the wrong people might learn about it. And there will also be others who are willing to sell out the PCs to either side for their own benefit, making each encounter a tense situation.

Q2 would completely break from the Q1 model. The PCs must make their way through Lolth’s stronghold, the Web of Souls (which will actually look like a frigging spider web), not only using the keys in the platinum egg to finally imprison the Elder Elemental God once and for all, but to finally end the threat of Lolth as well, by either getting the two to kill one another, or imprisoning them both. If they fail, the Elder Elemental God itself could be fully loosed upon the multiverse, Lolth could see her own power increased greatly, or both. Obviously such an outcome would bode ill for mortals.

No promises on when these will be available, but I wanted to get these stray thoughts out there while they were fresh in my mind.

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4 thoughts on “Random thoughts on the drow and Lolth and stuff

  1. Don’t forget Russell Bird’s version of Erelhei Cinlu in OJ#14, too: “Erelhei-Cinlu: The Drow “City of Pleasure” (and IIRC there were some updates to teh Vault (but perhaps not the city?) in Dead Gods).


  2. Wonderful news! The whole epic saga, with its dramatic showdowns against giant chiefs, jarls and kings, its spider web (pun intended!) of machinations between different factions, the Lovecraftian eerieness of the Elder Elemental God and the kuo-toa, the disturbing, otherworldly ambience of the drow and their homeland, the fates of not just the Sheldomar Valley but Oerth itself hanging in the balance, and a certain group of adventurers as the ultimate wild cards deserves a fitting conclusion worthy of the creative genius who produced it.

    And if your previous GDQ work, to say nothing of your work on Greyhawk and D&D for all these years, is any indication, then Gary Gygax would be very proud of the honor you will do his legacy.

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