Presenting the Warrior Monk

Oh-ho! Apparently Dragonne Magazine has not finished yielding its precious secrets just yet. Here we have another article, this time dealing with a European-inspired alternative to the monk class.

The whole is based on the following quote by Gary on one of his Q&A’s back in the day:

What I was contemplating was a non-Oriental sort of Monk character to replace the clearly Eastern martial artist one featured. The class would likely have been a sort of dedicated warrior-spy with a few elements of the original Monk class, new abilities of more European sort to round it out. That way the Scarlet Brotherhood would not have had to lost its warrior-monk component.

And wouldn’t you know it? Such a thing actually appeared in the pages of our alternate-history Dragonne magazine from the 80’s. Enjoy!

Download the article here!

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7 thoughts on “Presenting the Warrior Monk

  1. It mentions that they do get bonus clerical spells from Wisdom, but it doesn’t say anything about them having spell casting abilities anywhere else. Is this an error or is there a missing spell capability?

  2. Good work! Need clarification: page one (left) “They use the same tables as clerics for melee combat”, page one (last line) “The fight using the fighter table to determine numbers required “to hit”.” Presumably one of these is wrong. (Also, a “y” missing from the first word.)

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