Greyhawk Player Options for 5E

More goodness for fans of Greyhawk and 5th Edition D&D!

This time I have a panoply of material for players collected into a single book. There are 56 pages of introductory material for players new to the Greyhawk setting, complete treatments of the available player races, information on the languages of the Flanaess, new Barbarian paths, Bard colleges, an Animal domain for clerics, two new Druid circles (because Oerth has two moons, of course!), a pair of Martial Archetypes for fighters, five different Monastic Traditions for monks (including of course the Way of the Scarlet Sign!), a new Sacred Oath for Paladins, two Sorcerous Origins, a pair of Otherworldly Patrons for warlocks (including both the Elder Elemental God and Rexfelis the Catlord), and a host of new and expanded backgrounds specific to the World of Greyhawk.

I tried to make this one more useful for those who don’t use CY 576 as their baseline for their campaign, and the info here should be useful for 576, 585, and 591.

You can download the book here, and please consider joining my Patreon or throwing something in the tip jar if you enjoy it (links to the right).

UPDATE 2/27/20: The file has been updated to acknowledge that Bryan Blumklotz created the heraldry on the cover, based on the original by TSR. Thanks for pointing that out, Bryan!

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  1. I do not regularly play 5e, but I have run a session of it and played a few. This is a great guide to the setting and I like how you differentiate the eras in the descriptions. Well done!

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