Armies of Greyhawk Have Begun

Please forgive the craptacular photo taken by my phone; the wife is off vacationing with our daughter while I’m stuck at work (ah, the carefree leisure-filled life of a public school teacher!) and took the good camera with her. And just how does a gamer take advantage of having a house all to himself for a week? Paint figures!

What you’re seeing through the blur and poor lighting is the first base of Sunndi halberdiers, in 15mm. That’s not the final base, but just a temporary one the figures are blue-tacked onto for painting. (It’s hard to see, but they’re sporting white leggings and shirts, with blue surcoats bearing the sun symbol of Sunndi.) The final bases were ordered this evening, along with a humongous number of figures to take advantage of Old Glory 15s absolutely spectacular sale; up to 40% off, and free shipping off orders $150 or more. If you have any interest in taking up Field of Glory as an adjunct to your other gaming, there has never been a better time to do it.

I dropped the cash on Feudal German and Feudal French Field of Glory starter armies, along with a bunch of peasant levies, a couple of supply camps, and the necessary steel bases. Those will form the core of my South Province, Medegia, Sunndi, and Idee armies. I’ve got some dwarves, undead, and orcs to round things out.

One thing I’ve noticed; having not painted a figure for the last 20+ years, it is not nearly as easy as I remember it being! For instance, those Sunndi “suns” on their chests are little more than yellow dots. I’m sure the fact that these are 15mm figures, rather than 25mm, isn’t helping. Hopefully it will get easier, and my own efforts better, as I get back in practice.

Want to see the inspiration for this “little” project? Check out Grendelwulf’s outstanding translation of those early-1980’s Dragon magazine articles into FoG stats.

Oh, and that absolutely spiffy copy of the County of Sunndi coat of arms comes from Bryan Blumklotz’s World of Greyhawk Heraldry site that has not, unfortunately, been updated lately. Here’s hoping he takes back up his efforts; those things are gorgeous!

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15 thoughts on “Armies of Greyhawk Have Begun

  1. Marvelous! That's three more than I've done. And at least your hand is steady enough to make dots! 🙂

    I have my shopping list for Old Glory 15s, but SWMBO has my credit card this week. Seems to think eating & paying bills has to come first, I just don't understand her sometimes.


  2. First off, DOH. I should've mentioned I was going to be picking up a bunch (actually, two bunches) of various miniatures for a few FoG armies. I might have to try to pick your brain about appropriate troops for something that you haven't covered!

    Hmm… An army of hat-wearing elves, perhaps?

    Secondly, I'm just itching to see finished pieces. Hurry it up, man!

    Anyway, if you're thinking of getting any more, lemme know! 😀

  3. SSH, your figures are going to be infinitely better than mine, of that I'm sure. You will be ashamed of my figures, which you will doubtless compare to an orangutan dipping sticks into rusty water to apply color.

    Are you getting your figures from Old Glory 15s?

  4. Old Glory 15s was the plan, yes. It also depends on what draws Val's interest, but I'm sure there's something that she'll fall in love with other than screaming Mayans.

    Personally, I've been leaning towards a vast swathe of Saxons, for actual wargaming use but Feudal *anything* has always been appealing to me. If they can become something Greyhawk (with a little advice and teaching from various sources to make up my woeful gaps of knowledge) then so much the better…I'll just have to get both, right?

  5. That's the beauty of my plan. Nothing says that French wearing the colors of the Great Kingdom, and Germans wearing those of the Iron League, can't still function as French and Germans.

    Do you have the army books? I have most of them, and can bring them to the next Greyhawk game if you'd like to check them out.

    Saxons and Vikings would make good Thillronians. I'd be happy to help with Greyhawkian color schemes.

  6. GW: I understand completely, and SWMBO was duly consulted before my own purchase.

    It helps that I get paid tomorrow, and her own trip to the leisure hive went over budget. Guilt has its benefits.

  7. *Master* plan!

    I've not checked out the books yet, they too are on my list of things I must get. But I've heard nothing but excellent things about it, and it intrigues me a whole lot more than various Warhammer iterations and clones. Plus, I'm secretly using it as a tool to wean my wife away from coffee-table gaming and into historicals. Just don't tell her!

    I'd be fascinated to look at the books, though if Josh has the main book or any supplements that we want on a shelf the chances are VERY good we'll be picking them up that day.

    Oh, and the orangutan correlation? Don't worry, Val tells me her efforts are going to be even worse so you should have nothing to fear.

  8. Joe,

    Thanks for the shoutout for the World of Greyhawk Heraldry. Sorry I haven't been updating it but eventually I will get back to it.

    AKA Bryan Blumklotz

  9. I played Fog for a while, just wasn't the game for me. If anyone wants a great deal on the main rulebook and the first 8 army books, let me know at (zero)(zero)monkeys(at) gmail(dot)com

    GG please delete if you feel I've violated your blog's 'terms of use'

  10. No problem at all, GSV; in fact, I forwarded your comment to one of the players in my AD&D campaign who's been talking about getting into FoG with me, and he should be contacting you soon.

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