15mm Medieval Figures: Old Glory 15s

Commanders, foot and mounted

As part of my burgeoning effort to put together some 15mm armies to fight mass battles in the World of Greyhawk, I recently took advantage of a sale being run by Old Glory 15s, run out of Michigan, to purchase two Field of Glory starter armies plus some miscellaneous troops. A friend of mine from the Greyhawk AD&D campaign also went in on the deal with me, getting two armies for himself and his wife (ah, the family that games together…)

I got a Medieval French and a Medieval German army, intending to paint one of them in the colors of the Iron League (Sunndi, Idee, Irongate, and Onnwal) and the other in the colors of the Great Kingdom (specifically South Province, Medegia, and possibly some Imperial troops as well). I also ended up getting a bunch of peasant levies (because those Dragon magazine articles on the events in the Flanaess often make mention of the commanders employing large number of peasant levies in their campaigns) and a couple of camps to round things out.

I haven’t decided which will be which yet, but the best part is, even if they’re painted as Greyhawk armies, they can still be put to use as regular German and French armies, should I ever feel like taking them to a Field of Glory tournament. The easiest thing (from a Field of Glory point of view) is that Old Glory 15s sells entire starter armies, straight from the rulebooks, pre-sorted for you (the bags even tell you which battlegroup is which). An excellent idea (admittedly not unique to them, but hardly universal), and I note they do the same for other game systems such as Lasalle and DBM.

Some mounted crossbowmen

The figures themselves are, quite simply, terrific. There is very little flash and not a single one of the nearly 700 figures I purchased was seamed. The variety of poses was good (I like the good mix between “standing ready” and “in the throw of battle”, which will look good when based properly), and the detail on these guys is unbelievable. I am only sad they will have to endure my own horrific painting skills. When it comes to the packs of figures, there’s no guarantee which poses you will get; some of the bags I got were definitely heavy on certain poses and light on others, but on the whole that’s something you expect when it comes to purchasing large numbers of figures for minis battle. There seem to be 4 types of horses used throughout; two galloping, two trotting, each with one with barding and one without.


My friend also got some fantasy figures from their Black Raven Foundry line (rangers and dwarves) and they, too, were outstanding. The rangers in particular had very vibrant poses and sharp details. I will be buying some for myself in my next order, to serve as woodsmen.

In the order there were a total of 6 figures missing (out of 1500 or so for the entire order; again not an altogether unexpected occurrence when buying large numbers of figures). I contacted Old Glory by email and got an immediate response that replacements were on their way. They were similarly responsive to questions I had as I was putting the order together. The customer service is excellent, from my experience.

A camp set

I should take a moment to point out that Old Glory 15s is having a sale right now. Spend more than $50 and get 20% off. Spend more than $100 and get 30% off. Spend more than $400 and get 40% off! That’s nearly half price. (Plus free shipping on orders more than $100.) If you’re planning on dropping some cash for minis, now’s the time over at Old Glory 15s. Great figures at an excellent price. The best sort of combination.

Note: The photographs of the figures in this post come from the Old Glory 15s website, are Copyright (c) 2005-2010 by 19th Century Miniatures LLC, and are used with their kind permission.

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4 thoughts on “15mm Medieval Figures: Old Glory 15s

  1. I've been buying old glory minis for almost 20 years now. They're really nice! I need to put in an order soon for my Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age project.

    If I remember right, the Black Raven minis don't mix well with the historicals. The BR figures tend to be closer to 18mm.

  2. Having compared a few Anglo-Saxons to the Woodsmen and Dwarves, I can say that, yes, they are out of scale.

    Now, out of scale just means they don't perfectly match up, but then I'd be surprised if there were many ranges anywhere of scales that match up. Heck, look at some Iron Wind Metals (from CBT) or Games Workshop bits over the years, they don't even match up within their own lines!

    The difference between men from the Rangers set (Black Raven) and the Fyrd (Old Glory 15s) is about a head, so 15-18mm would be about right. I'll throw a couple bare metal pictures up onto my blog for comparison.

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