Convention Plans for 2012

Unfortunately, my convention plans for the upcoming year are going to be much as they were for 2011, despite my hopes to get westward this year. I’ll be sticking close to home, and only attending the local conventions. Fortunately, Dreamation (February), DexCon (July), and newcomer Metatopia (October) are close enough to not need a hotel and really nice conventions with plenty of games and other stuff happening. My only wish is that the dealers room for Dreamation and DexCon would be better, with actual game companies showing up rather than just retailers. I might squeeze in Ubercon (November) as well.

Alas, no GenCon (August) in my future this year, nor Origins (June), North Texas RPG Con (June) or GaryCon (March). Finances just don’t allow it this year, with everything else I’ve got happening.

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