The Future of Dungeons and Dragons

Today (8/16/2012) at 7:00 PM eastern time, Wizards of the Coast will be live streaming the keynote address from GenCon: “The Future of Dungeons and Dragons.” Speculation is that they will not only talking about the DnD Next playtest, but might also divulge which campaign setting(s) will be featured.

Hie thyself to this link to see the future of D&D:

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  1. I look forward to tomorrow's recaps. Tonight, the rifftraxxing of Manos: Hands of Fate calls irresistibly from the local odeon!

  2. Figures.

    Though to be entirely honest, I'm kind of glad that they're leaving Greyhawk alone considering what they did to the Realms the last time. FR Greybox (both actually) were exceptionally good settings, and then . . . well the rest is history. It's hard to imagine what they'd do to Greyhawk if they really set their mind to it.

    Didn't get to listen to this last night (didn't get home till 8:00 or so. Any other interesting highlights?

  3. They gave some D&D history, threw in grognardy buzzwords (Gygax, Arneson, old module references). PDFs for all settings – old to new-ish.

    Then big rollout of FR novels planned to undo the damage suffered in the world of FR beginning with The Sundering!

    Ed Greenwood ate the rest of the minstrels and there was much rejoicing. Yaaaay.

  4. Oh, and there was talk of some mechanics (albeit quickly spoken by Mearles who couldn't seem to get the words out and away from him fast enough when he DID speak of them).

    There will be several choices of magic systems in game, i.e. Vancian, inner-spirit-magic, etc.

  5. Archangel pretty much listed the highlights:

    * The next setting is going to be the Forgotten Realms
    * Some big Realms-wide event called "The Sundering" is going to "fix" the setting.
    * The Sundering is going to be introduced by a series of 6 books, each done by a different author. One each about Drizz't and Elminster…
    * They're going to be making electronic versions of old books and modules available (pointedly, they did *not* say pdfs)
    * DnD Next is eventually going to have schools of magic; war-mages, etc.

  6. Drance: Yes, they indicated the whole thing would be made available. No details as to where or when.

    Archangel: No problem at all; some folks in the chat accompanying the presentation were very loudly complaining that the magic letters p-d-f hadn't been uttered.

  7. Yes, they could do it exclusively for Apple products, etc.. which would be crappy, but they have to protect their property & media somehow.

  8. Given past practices, they will probably come up with a Windows only "e-reader" that is really a glorified plain text display port that's memory-intensive and further encumbered by easily circumvented digital rights management measures.

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