Metatopia Master Schedule is Live

A master’s degree in game design and publishing crammed into a single weekend!

For those gamers in and around northern NJ, you really need to check out Metatopia. It’s a convention being held in Morristown, NJ from November 1st through the 3rd, with merriment and preliminaries happening on October 31st.

If you are a game designer or publisher, this is a unique opportunity to meet your fellow designers and publishers, attend talks and panels, and… most importantly… have your raw designs playtested by hordes of eager playtesters who have been specifically selected for you based on type of game, genre, and more.

If you are a player, this is a tremendous opportunity to influence the future of gaming. Whether you’re a LARPer, an RPGer, a board gamer, war gamer, card gamer, etc., you can playtest the new games coming down the pike and give your input. You can shape the next generation of games. And you can also see all the panels, and talks, and such.

You really can’t lose – they got you covered coming and going. 🙂

The master schedule of events has just been posted. I’ll be doing three panels myself. Enjoy!

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