Saving Marvel’s The Inhumans

As you might have read elsewhere on the Internet, today was supposed to be the release date for the film version of The Inhumans, a group of super-powered people in the Marvel universe. What we got instead was the incredibly disappointing one-season The Inhumans TV show, (Fun fact; my review of the show in that link made the boner “…since Marvel/Disney won’t be getting the rights to the X-Men back from Fox anytime soon [2017]…”; chalk one up for me to get totally wrong!)

But having seen the show, and conceding that the special effects were atrocious, the acting wasn’t all that bad, and the plot could be salvaged.

Now, what occurred to me is that the show as a whole could possibly be saved by re-doing the special effects.

Much like the redo of the effects in Empire Strikes Back, where the sterile white and claustrophobic Cloud City was turned into something much lighter, airier, and expansive in the Special Edition by digitally adding in windows and balconies, I think we could get a lot of improvement on The Inhumans if Marvel was willing to put in the money that was obviously skimped originally.

I think something could be done similarly with the effects in the Inhumans TV show. Not a shot should go by where Medusa’s hair isn’t writhing around, generally indicative of her mood. Maybe it could even be worked so it doesn’t get shaved off for most of the show (although I’d have to re-watch it to see if that would work plot-wise; I think it could be rejiggered thus).

But make Attilan more Kirbey-esque! You can keep it on the moon without a problem. But replace all those sterile moon-dust-concrete white walls with dazzling colorful tubes, zig-zags, odd pieces of machinery, windows looking out onto weird spaces in the city, conveyor belts, elevators, and other moving bits; make the moon city of the Inhumans come alive!

And although I thought Lockjaw (the Inhumans’ teleporting giant bulldog) looked pretty good in 2017, there is always room for improvement on that sort of thing. And put the tuning fork on his head, for the love of Stan!

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