Conventions / Trade Shows

The following conventions and trade shows are either local to me (New Jersey and the surrounding area), I’ll be attending, or both:

GaryCon (gaming, March, WI) I’ll be here in 2019!
Cold Wars (historical gaming, March, PA)
Maelstrom (gaming, April, NJ)
Philly Games Con (gaming, April, PA)
Mepacon (gaming, April, PA) I’ll be here in 2019!
Chiller Theater Expo (horror, April, NJ)
Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (comics, May, NJ)
Steampunk World’s Fair (steampunk, May, NJ)
NJcon (historical gaming, June, NJ) I’ll be here in 2019!
Eternal Con (comics/sci-fi, June, NY)
Shore Leave (sci-fi, July, MD) I’ll be here in 2018!
Dexcon (gaming, July, NJ)
NJ Gamer Con (gaming, July, NJ)
Historicon (gaming, July, PA) I’ll be here in 2018!
Connections (wargaming professionals, August, DC)
World Boardgame Championships (board games, August, PA)
WashingCon (board games, September, DC)
NJ Horror Con (horror, September, NJ)
New York Comic Con (comics and pop culture, October, NY)
Metatopia (game industry professionals and playtesting, November, NJ) I’ll be here in 2018!
Mepacon (gaming, November, PA)
Philcon (sci-fi, November, PA)
Fall In! (historical gaming, November, PA)
Pax Unplugged (gaming, November-December, PA)
New York Winter Con (comics/sci-fi, December, NY)
Dreamation (gaming, February, NJ)
New York Toy Fair (trade, February, NY)
Totalcon (gaming, February) I’ll be here in 2020!