Magic Items of the Flanaess for 5E

Even yet more Greyhawk 5th edition stuff!

This time around, we have a host of Greyhawk-specific magic items, gleaned from various sources. Obviously it’s not completely comprehensive, but herein you’ll 38 pages of weapons, wondrous items, potions, and artifacts, statted for the 5th edition rules.

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You can get the file here.

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2 thoughts on “Magic Items of the Flanaess for 5E

  1. This is fantastic ! Your work for Greyhawk Dnd fifth edition is really pure gold ! Very useful for new Dnd players (who will rarely play old versions of the game) and we definetly need more to make Greyhawk great again.

    Thanks again !

  2. Joe! I love that you not only went to Greyhawk Adventures for this sourcebook, but also Unearthed Arcana and elsewhere. The choices of artifacts fills in some nice 5E gaps too, especially the Codex! Well done my friend!

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