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5th Edition Greyhawk:

Adventure Module D4 – City of Spiders

Adventure Module G1A – Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, the Lower Caverns

Adventure Module Q2 – Web of Souls

Adventure Module T0 – Journey to Hommlet

Adventure Module T5 – Beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil   (Spanish version)

All Marvel Cinematic Universe Titles, Ranked

Armies of Greyhawk:

The Baklunish Basin:

City of Greyhawk Maps (based on the map in “City of Hawks”)

Clerics of the Flanaess:

Focus on Demi-Humans (Magic of the Small Folk, Spells of the Elven Mages, Non-Human Paragons)*

The Green Wine of Celene (fiction)

Greyhawk Lore Project (raw text file compiling Q&A’s from various online forums)

Greyhawk’s World (finishing the series of Dragon Magazine articles by Gygax and Kuntz from the early 1980’s):

My Minifigs Greyhawk Picture Gallery (with campaign-specific commentary)

Personality Traits of the Flanaess*

Presenting the Warrior-Monk*

Raid on Frederikshavn (a scenario for Ogre Miniatures)

Three Magic Shields of the Flanaess*

Three Magic Swords of the Flanaess*


Items marked with an asterisk* are part of the Dragonne Magazine series