Zihindian Gods and Magic Items

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4 thoughts on “Zihindian Gods and Magic Items

  1. Thanks for another fine installment. I’m assuming that in the description for the Scroll of Protection from Rakshasas, the time required for maximum protection is 1 turn, not 1 round. Is that correct?

  2. You’re a wizard on par with Mordenkainen himself, Joe!

    Quick question: How did you calculate the XP and GP values of the magic items? The thing that always bugged me about the original DMG is that Gary Gygax never included a formula on how to actually calculate these things.

    How were game groups supposed to figure this out for creating their own unique magic items? Was anything ever published in some place like Dragon Magazine?

  3. You’re a wizard to rival Mordenkainen himself, Joe!

    Just one question-how did you calculate the XP and GP value of the magic items? It always bothered me that Gary Gygax never included a formula for these things-it makes it a lot harder to create your own unique magic items!

    Was there ever a formula in Dragon or some other forum?

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