City of Greyhawk Maps

Here, presented for the first time, are my own hand-drawn maps for the Free City of Greyhawk, done many years ago and finally scanned in. Apologies for the poor quality on some of the edges; I had originally connected the four sheets with masking tape, and over the years it has ossified and shows through. The letter-number keys in some of the city blocks key to the City of Greyhawk boxed set. Not all of the locations in the boxed set are to be found on my maps, but many of them are. Bear in mind that on my original a half inch equals a thousand feet. The irregular shapes that make up my own City are not individual buildings (in most cases) but rather city blocks, and it can be assumed that small alleyways penetrate most of them. The maps here are based on the sketch map found in City of Hawks by Gary Gygax (New Inifinities, 1987), but obviously with a great deal more detail (these maps are copyright (c) 2008 all rights reserved).

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