More of Mollie’s Visual Game Diaries

About a month ago, I posted a few drawings that one of our regular players, Mollie, makes while we game. This time she’s done it again (actually, she does it every time, but I don’t always post ’em and sometimes they get a little blue), this time chronicling the misadventures of group in my own campaign as they explore beneath the Castle of the Mad Archmage.

What I love about these things is that they don’t just capture what happens in the game, but you really get a feeling for the sort of cross-player banter and jokes that permeates our group. Sure, some groups get more actual gaming in (pfft!), but I’d put our amount of fun up against anyone else out there. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “More of Mollie’s Visual Game Diaries

  1. You should see what happens when we get more gaming in. While I was running a Kalamar campaign, she created an entire comic book of the first year's worth of games.

    Have to dig that out and read it again.

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