New DnD Next Playtest Packet Available

Well, well, well. Just in time for GenCon, we have a new DnD Next playtest packet from Wizards of the Coast.

I just downloaded it myself, so I obviously haven’t read through any of it yet, but it does seem like there’s no adventure module included, so DMs are going to be on their own in that respect. (Which is a plus in my book, btw.) Looks like there are more complete rules for character creation, which is something a bunch of us have been looking for.

All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing the next iteration of the playtest. More when I’ve had a chance to read through it all.

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2 thoughts on “New DnD Next Playtest Packet Available

  1. Hey Joe. Did you delve at all into the first round of playtest materials? Do you need to have a good knowledge of the first packet in order to use the second, or does the second package have a reiteration of what was in the first?

  2. Heya Drance.

    We did several sessions playing using the first playtest rules, and our group had a great time with it. You can find the accounts of our games and some other stuff here.

    This new iteration of the playtest rules is self-contained. You don't need the first playtest rules to use this one.

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