Witch Preview #3: Familiar Names


Below are a representative sampling of names that can be used for familiars and other otherworldly servitors of witches.

1. Able
2. Beelzebub
3. Bessie Bald
4. Bessie Rule
5. Fancy
6. Griezzell Greedigutt
7. Holt
8. Ilemauzar
9. Jarnara Sacke
10. Mak Hector
11. Newes
12. Peck-in-the-crown
13. Pickle Nearest
14. Pyewackett
15. Red Reaver
16. Robert the Jacks
17. Rorie
18. Stowt
19. Sugar
20.Thomas A Fearie
23.Vinegar Tom

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4 thoughts on “Witch Preview #3: Familiar Names

  1. Those are actually real familiar names, taken from witch trial documents in England. I suspect a list of common pet names from the era would have quite a bit of overlap…

  2. Never heard of it, which is weird considering the early-mid 80’s was the height of my RPG collecting. I have to wonder just how sustainable a campaign would be, though…

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