Grodog’s CZ: Upper Works Review

My friend Grodog has finally posted his review of Castle Zagyg: Upper Works. It runs 15 pages(!), and I confess I don’t agree with everything he says about it (in particular his comments that the Greyhawk elements are limited to mere “name dropping”), but it’s well worth reading. Grodog is a lover of all things Greyhawk from way back. In fact, his excellent site was one of the inspirations for my starting up this blog.

Read the review, read my review again, and go out and buy CZ: Upper Works while you still can.

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5 thoughts on “Grodog’s CZ: Upper Works Review

  1. Joe—

    I’d definitely like to hear more of your thoughts on the GH references/name droppings. We’ll have to catch up soon 😀


  2. Excellent, Zachary– I might just break down and get myself a second copy, against the day when my daughter needs to pay for college. 😉

    Allan– most definitely. I was toying with the idea of posting some thoughts about the name-dropping thing as a post unto itself, but I didn’t want to make it sound like I was trying to be confrontational about your review, which on the whole I like very much. Perhaps here in the comments?

  3. I’m game either way: I’m certainly not averse to deserved criticism or alternate interpretations, so if you’d prefer to make a post, I’m certainly fine with that: that’s what spirited debate and research is all about, right? 😀


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