All Kinds of Awesome From Pied Piper Publishing

February 15th marks the start of a new drive by Pied Piper Publishing to publish a whole bunch of new material sure to warm the hearts of Greyhawk fans and old-school gamers alike. Rob Kuntz is dipping into his horde of Greyhawkiana and will be releasing a slew of levels he designed for the original campaign in the near future, and a special discounted deal on the about-to-be-released El Raja Key’s Arcane Treasury and Daemonic & Arcane, and The Stalk.

Go to the PPP website and click on the “Upcoming” tab for more information. Definitely click on the link to the new newsletter, “The Piper’s Corner” at the bottom of that page for full details and some tantalizing excerpts, including “The Rise and Fall of TSR Hobbies” (an insiders account of the companies history with reflections on its impact on the modern gaming industry) and a bunch of other stuff.

Around 11:00 AM eastern time tomorrow, all the goodies should start showing up on their online store for order and/or pre-order. These are pieces of the original Greyhawk campaign that fans absolutely cannot pass up.

Full disclosure; I’ve been brought on as an editor by PPP, but I’d be this enthusiastic about this stuff even if I hadn’t been.

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  1. According to the pdf newsletter currently available on the PPP site, it looks like August/ September is the target release date. Plus there’s an outdoor/ city adventure (“The Annex”) due out before then.

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