Congrats to Chris Bernhardt of Judges Guild

I came across the following flyer at Dreamation today, and thought I’d share the happy news.

Sorry to all the fans out there that we’re unable to make it to this year’s Dreamation Convention in person.

As it turns out my wife is having our first child over this weekend and we just could not make it up there.

We hope that everyone has a great time at Dreamation 2009 and that all the Role Playing Games’ folks who attend take a moment to check out the latest news from all of us here at Judges Guild.

You can also check for new updates on our latest project the “City State of the Sea Kings” on our website as well as

See you all at Dex Con 2009!

Chris Bernhardt of Judges Guild

I’m naturally a little disappointed not to be able to share some of my geeky reminisces about one of the best RPG settings ever created, but congratulations to Chris and his wife on their first child, and I hope they realize that sleep has become a thing of the past, at least for the next year or so. 😉

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