Please accept my humblest apologies. As might be obvious, I have not kept up with my usual every-couple-of-days posting schedule, and I will most definitely not make the June release of CotMA. Some non-gaming things have crept up and stolen almost all of my creative energies, and I find I’ve got precious little time for gaming right now. (Although I will be running three games at Dexcon in Morristown, NJ, in a week and a half, including an AD&D session in CotMA, if anyone will be attending.)

I’m not shutting down or anything, just acknowledging that I won’t be posting here nearly as much as I have in the past, or frankly would like to. I’ll continue to plug away at CotMA, albeit much more slowly, and it’ll come out when it comes out. This level in particular is vast.

Anyway, there it is, and please again accept my humble apologies for not being more prolific.

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4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Thanks for the update. Take care of the important things first! There's plenty to work with at the moment!! ;o)

    Have fun at the Con!

  2. No apologies necessary.
    I thought you were simply on a well earned vacation. I hope your non-gaming things work out and you can regain your creative momentum again. Take your time.

    You have provided more CotMA then we have had in 40 years. As Deogolf has said, there's plenty for us to work with…


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