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I’m looking for some players in the northern NJ area (Morris/ Sussex/ Warren counties are nearby) to join my AD&D 1E game (set in Greyhawk, of course). I’ll be rebooting the campaign slightly after a several-months hiatus, and am looking for a couple of new players to round out the party. We generally play on Friday nights, and don’t stay up too too late.

If interested, please either reply here with your email address or send me a private email at the address in the lower-right corner of your window in the “A Note on Legalities” section.

Yeah, that’s the picture from Dexcon, not the regular group. For some reason, I don’t seem to have one…

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  1. Same here, I am in Camden and 2 hrs is just a little too far to do weekly. I struggle with the same thing down here too. Good to see a fellow Jersey boy talking about gaming on the net, you would think there would be more considering our population.

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