GenCon Registration About to Kick Off

So I check my inbox today, and what do I see but a note from GenCon with the fast-approaching dates to submit events (Jan 13th), get a badge (Jan 24th), and get housing (Jan 26th).

Full details are here:

I haven’t been to a GenCon in many years (in fact, it was still in Milwaukee when I last attended). Time is not really an issue; it’s all about the finances (we’re planning a trip to Orlando this summer, so that’s taking up all our available “fun money”). If it looks like it’s possible I’ll be able to attend, I’ll definitely want to run a session of Castle of the Mad Archmage, and of course finally meet some of the luminaries of the OSR face-to-face. If a spare $1,000 falls into my lap, I’m there (he says looking hopefully up and to the right at the “donate” button…)!

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3 thoughts on “GenCon Registration About to Kick Off

  1. Are you planning to post your 2010 con calendar again Joe?

    FWIW, I think you'd have more fun at both GaryCon and North TX RPG Con than at GenCon (well, other than the sheer spectacle and scale of the dealer's hall, of course).


  2. Once I get a better grip on where I'll be through the year, yes I plan on posting another convention calendar.

    Garycon is just a little too close around the corner, I'm afraid. I'd have to get an event submission in tomorrow, and I've no idea if I've got the cash to go at all. 🙁

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