Happy Star Wars Day

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6 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day

  1. But shouldn't the anniversary be on its premiere date of May 25th, 1977?

    Oh my ghawd! 33 YEARS! Aack!!

    Thanks, GG. Thanksalot…


  2. I can't thank you enough for posting that image. It's hard to believe it's been so long.

    I was just a kid when I first saw this. My father was going back and forth up to DEC for the PDP-11 project. He always brought us something back on these trips, and on one occasion bought that very poster for the door to my room. I was completely blown away by the art.

    On the 15th of this month, it will be a year since he passed away. It was nice to see that image again. I want to kick myself for not putting it in safekeeping for all these decades.

    I wish everything with the Star Wars brand on it could be as inspiring as that poster.

  3. Hiya Scott,

    Yeah, I have a copy of the poster in my office even as I type this. The Hildebrandt art is absolutely amazing. Glad I could stir up a memory.


    The date is the 4th because of some mistranslation on German TV of "May the Force Be With You"; it got turned into "We will be with you on the fourth" or something akin to it. 🙂

  4. One of my favorite aunts knew the brothers Hildebrandt back when they were still in the Bernardsville, NJ area (I suppose they still might be, for all I know), and she had a signed copy of one of their artbooks, with this SW image as the final page in the book. I spent quite some time in college and grad school trying to track down that poster from the semesterly poster vendors, but was never successful in finding the Hildebrandt version vs. the one by Tom Jung….


  5. Maybe it's just the lettering on the Tom Jung poster, but it feels so very drab and "processed" compared to the Hildebrandt version. Although the only substantive change I can tell is Princess Leia's stance, and the gun being in her other hand. The whole effect is just kinda… blah.

    Oh, how I remember when that film first came out. I saw it 24 times in the theater (literally– I kept count).

    What a time to be 11 years old.

  6. Thanks, Joseph.
    I lost count myself. Oh, when theaters used to let you pay one admission ticket and let you stay the whole day watching the same movie! Joygasm!

    Tom Jung's poster is abit off. Aside from missing the Mos Eisley & farm detail, which gives the whole more character, Leia just looks too posed. She actually looks uncomfortable with that leg stance.

    Hildebrandt's just had that pulpy sci-fi look!

    Oh, my mistake on the date. I completely forgot that May 25th is Towel Day!



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