Castle of the Mad Archmage May Release Now Available!

Here there be dragons!

We’re coming down to the end of it, and what a level we have for #12. From a simple notation by Gygax that “there were dragons on the twelfth level of the Castle”, we have a sampling of evil dragons, their dragon men servants, and a new type of dragon to throw at your jaded players. Plus a bunch of other surprises, just to keep ’em on their toes.

And after this? The Maze. Wherein the final puzzle of the Castle is revealed, and the stalwart heroes who managed to make it that far are rewarded. Or are they?

Download the pdf file containing levels 2-12 (182 pages) –> HERE <–

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15 thoughts on “Castle of the Mad Archmage May Release Now Available!

  1. Nope, I won't be able to make GenCon this year. I am running it at DexCon in NJ, though.

    I believe Jon Hershberger is running the games at GenCon.

  2. Just what the Doctor ordered! 😉

    From the one armed bandits to the disorientating room…beautiful!

    One word: CUBE!!! Love it!

    …and snakes & lizards & frogs, oh my!

    Speaking if which, it was nice to see F. Douglas Wall's Adventures in Oz listed in your Appendix for suggested reading.

    I'm gonna be up reading through CotMA tonight.


  3. Thanks, GW. I retrofitted a means to enter Oz into an earlier level, so I thought it only fitting to give "Adventures in Oz" a plug.

  4. Oh, nice retrofit.

    What a way to show up in Munchkinland…after what the players had to go through…literally…

    I can hear the singing now:
    "We represent the Waterwaste Guild…"


  5. Roger the GS said:


    You're not the one running COTMA at GenCon are you? If you are … any chance of a third session?”

    Probably not as an official, scheduled game, but I will be running an unofficial CotMA game session Saturday night, most likely in the open gaming area. If you're interested, I'm sure there would be room for you at the table (unless you're coming with a big group). If you want to sort the logistics out this summer, you can reach me through the Black Blade Publishing website.

    Jon Hershberger
    Black Blade Publishing

  6. Thanks Jon. I'll keep in touch via the thread on Dragonsfoot. I might be running my own old school game for friends, and am likely to have social plans Saturday, but we'll see how things develop. Were you doing something informal Friday night as well?

  7. Once again, nice work. Question regarding "The Catacombs". In the Mouths of Madness, there is reference in area WD3 Rocky Outcrop (Iggy the Mad) of a connection to both The Catacombs and The Watery Caverns (of Dark Chateau). I didn't see the Catacombs connection on perusal. Is this an oversight? Any recommendations on where it should be placed? Cheers.

  8. Criminey, you think you get 'em all…

    Thanks for the heads-up, Galbrechin. It will be dutifully addressed in the next release.

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