Verbobonc Wilderness Map

I’m on a roll! The portion to the north of the Velverdyva is the southernmost portion of the Kingdom of Furyondy. I thought it made more sense to put a lot of farmland there, since it’s supposed to be the breadbasket of the kingdom. That “low road” eventually meanders down to Nulb and a certain village near a certain moathouse…

This map should fit in to the west of the first, shifted down 1/2 large hex. More to come, but I’ll figure out a better way to present them, rather than one map per post.

UPDATE: As requested, here is a copy of the blank hex map I’m using to make the maps. I started with a standard sheet of hex paper, and then drew the large hexes in by hand. Feel free to use it as you see fit. Click to embiggen, and then right-click to save to your hard drive.

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7 thoughts on “Verbobonc Wilderness Map

  1. @Roger the GS:
    Those are fine maps too, but they're missing hexes. At least for the DM. I have to have hexes on my world maps. 😉

    Actually, Anna Bernemalm's maps are stunning. I would probably use something them for player characters if they went to a cartographer shop.


  2. Haldorn: The basic hex paper is standard off-the-shelf stuff. I hand-drew the large hexes on top of it, and then took that to the local Staples to have a bunch of sheets made.

    If you want, I'll upload a pdf of a blank sheet for you (and anyone else who might find it of use).

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