When it comes to miniatures…

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4 thoughts on “When it comes to miniatures…

  1. Absolutely! It sometimes kills the mood when the DM breaks off the game in order to hunt through boxes and drawers for "just the right mini."
    I'm starting to think that one generic/cheap/plastic mini that gets used is worth 100 collectible classic lead minis that I cherish and love too much to allow to knock around in my backpack when I go to games away from home.
    I've got lots of old lead minis, some dating back to the 1970s… and all painted with a varying level of competency (but even my best is pretty sloppy by modeler's standards). The problem, of course, is transport. I can't tell you how many little spears and swords have been snapped off no matter how carefully I pack them.
    I love them but for fear of ruining them I almost never use them. That seems wrong.
    I'm considering getting rid of 90% of my collection (and only keeping those bits with really good memories attached) and just using a few assorted plastic figures, some rubber dinosaurs, etc., when I need minis.

  2. Heh, heh…my many Blood Bowl teams are painted with different flesh tones to represent different ethnicities regardless of fantasy species…at my table a "dark elf" takes on an entirely different connotation!
    ; )

  3. One guy in our campaign always uses this little pewter of a man in a business suit holding a brief case. He's known as "Bob from accounting." Bob has been just about every race and class.

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