GenCon 2011

I used to attend the big gaming conventions with great regularity. GenCon, Origins, Atlanticon, GenCon East… in high school and college, I was all over the con scene. Nowadays, though, I generally only get to go to the ones that are in my immediate vicinity. I’m fortunate to have three fairly largish conventions in easy driving distance (DexCon, Dreamation, and UberCon) but I confess sometimes I miss the huge international cons. Money is one of the biggest problems; with a family, and a house, other things seem to take priority in the summer, besides dropping $1,000 on a trip to a gaming convention.

So my plan is thus. Perhaps with enough advanced planning, and the ability to save up the money in advance, I will be able to make it next year. So my plan and pledge is to save $100 per month for the intended purpose of attending GenCon in 2011. Perhaps with enough advanced notice and planning, more of my fellow OSR partners in crime can also make plans to attend, and we can turn GenCon 2011 into a big to-do for the old school community. Who’s with me?

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9 thoughts on “GenCon 2011

  1. Just attend NTRPG Con in Dallas in June and you'll be surrounded by ONLY OSR goodness… need to dig through the trash for the treasure!

  2. Good luck Joseph, I want to see you make it there next year too. And I know I've been urging grodog to be at Gencon too, or anyone else from the ol' Greyhawk community for that matter.

  3. It's actually rather funny to see this post. When 2010 post went up, the first thing the wife said was "so do you want to go next year and send him pictures?"

    So, yeah, count us in unless something hilariously unexpected happens!

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