New City of Greyhawk Maps

Well, not exactly new, but out of the blue in my email yesterday came these cleaned up versions of my hand-drawn maps of the City of Greyhawk, based on Gary Gygax’s sketch map in the beginning of City of Hawks, but also designed to use the keys in the TSR blue boxed City of Greyhawk set. Gone are my hand-written labels of the buildings, as well as some of the masking tape show-throughs that marred the original scans. Many thanks to Alfons H. for the work he did on cleaning up my scans!

There are four different images below; one in each quarter. Click to embiggen, and then right-click to save to your drive. Enjoy!

(Maps copyright (c) 2010 all rights reserved)

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16 thoughts on “New City of Greyhawk Maps

  1. J.B.

    Thanks for posting the updates. I hope some folks get inspired to run some Greyhawk based adventures/dungeons from these maps.


  2. Thank you, GG. I am swiping this. (I also dropped your name in the bottom right corner, so I'll know where I got it from in years to come.)

  3. I think your hand drawn maps are better and more useful than the color map. If they were together in one picture they would be an outstanding item.

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