Irons in the Fire

Just wanted to give folks a quick update on what I’m up to, writing wise.

Work proceeds apace on Adventures Dark and Deep™. It’s looking like I won’t be meeting my self-imposed deadline of all three books by December 31, but the Players Guide is all but assured, and enough of the Game Masters Toolkit to be useful. The Bestiary will be bringing up the rear, but fortunately the nature of the effort is such that you will be able to use monsters from other similar games pretty much seamlessly.

I’m doing preliminary design work on a stand-alone adventure for higher level characters. I want to keep the contents a secret for now, but rest assured that the map will not be based on any designs found on a placemat.

I’m running through the possibility of putting together a campaign guide to the Thillronian Penninsula for the World of Greyhawk. The idea would be to have something functionally equivalent to Ivid the Undying or Iuz the Evil, but set in the Norse-esque area of the extreme northeastern Flanaess. I happen to have a passing familiarity with Scandinavian mythology and history, and thought I might apply it here.

Folks have been steadily asking for side levels for Castle of the Mad Archmage, and by far the most popular request is the Black Reservoir. Don’t lose heart; I’ve not ignored these cries, but I don’t have anything concrete to announce. Yet.

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