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Not too long ago, I posted about the sudden closure of my FLGS, Mighty Titans Hobbies and Games. There Friday and gone by Sunday afternoon. It looked like the place had gone under, and I was not pleased about the way the whole thing was handled vis-a-vis the customers being informed.

Well, last night word reached me that the store was indeed re-opening in a new location, and today I checked the place out. Mighty Titans has indeed re-opened (they just received their CO today, it turns out), and the new space is quite excellent. There’s a huge space dedicated to gaming (although the place seems to me to be a bit smaller than the old store in toto, but that might just be the way its laid out), but in an old train station with walls of solid stone and high cathedral ceilings. I’ve got to say it’s a very evocative locale, and should be great to game in. They lost some stock during the move, but hopefully they will be able to get back up to full capacity soon (especially with the holidays coming up).

I am very pleased with the speed with which the Mighty Titans folks got things back up and running (and I fully accept their explanation for why they left the old space so suddenly– but I’ll leave it to them to lay out the matter fully if they wish to), although I still believe the level of customer engagement could have been better. Still, the new place is great, and let’s hope that the Time of Troubles is now fully behind them.

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  1. "…but in an old train station with walls of solid stone and high cathedral ceilings."

    Wow – that sounds awesome! I love it when old buildings from America's architectural past are preserved and re-purposed like this instead of torn down and replaced with another strip mall.

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