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I was a big fan of Twilight: 2000 when it first came out, and now it has been redone and republished under the title Twilight: 2013. I don’t have the new version, but as I understand it the background information was tweaked to align better with the way history really turned out in the last 20 years or so. Basically, the world has gone to hell due to war and economic collapse, and you are a soldier stranded in a distant land, trying to get home or start a new life among the ruins. Very gritty.

Now you can get the entire line of Twilight: 2013 products in pdf format for only $10, as a special holiday promotion. That is just incredible, as it includes not only the core rules, but all the sourcebooks, modules, adventures, addenda, etc. Wow!

Here’s the description from a reviewer on

A complete bundle of nearly everything you would want for the excellent latest version of Twilight 2000. Some parts of the new time line are a little weak because they are too similar to the old cold war time line. The various stages of the rules vary from very easy to lean and start to play to very realistic and robust making them suitable for nearly any gaming group interested in this kind of genre.

If you have fond memories like I do of Twilight: 2000, or have heard good things about the third edition and just held off for whatever reason, there’s really no excuse now not to take the plunge. Merry Christmas indeed!

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8 thoughts on “Twilight: 2013 Bundle on Sale

  1. I was a huge fan of the relaunch and an avid member of the 93 Games Online Community. I'm going to miss the game. I've got mixed feelings about Mongoose's rumblings of using their Traveller system for a new Twilight to go with their 2300AD relaunch.

  2. A darn good game. I'm with Higgipedia, sad to see it go away. So much potential! I was hoping to see an alternate printing come out simply called Twilight:2000 with the original background, weapons and Order of Battle.

    Have it already in Print & Digits, but will order the bundle as I didn't get any of the Shooters Guides. The team mechanic was a good edition to the game. While I don't have them here for comparison I wonder if Fantasy Flight Games "Deathwatch" took some of T:2013's ideas and used them for their team mechanics.

    Anyway, 'nuff said.

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