More Dungeon Crawl Classics News

Well, I’m not sure if this is news to anyone else, but ICV2 is reporting that Goodman Games will be releasing its upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics game as an open beta test sometime in the middle of this year. If that got reported last week in the hullabaloo about the pre-order being available, it got missed by these tired old eyes. This is a game I’m really looking forward to seeing.

Best of luck with the playtest, guys!

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3 thoughts on “More Dungeon Crawl Classics News

  1. Yeah.

    Magic Sword: 2,000 GP
    Magic Staf: 7,500 GP
    Sweet Purple Cloak: 10 GP

    Realizing after trekking through the Swamp of Death that you forgot any rope, rations, or a light source: priceless.

  2. Don't tell me you missed…

    Boots of Levitation: 14,500 GP

    Stomach of Holding: 12,000 GP (magical organ); 800 GP (surgery)

    Lenses of the Troglodyte (provide superior dark-vision): 9,000 GP

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