Convention Booty

My RPG events at this years Dreamation were a bust for a variety of reasons, but I did manage to score some booty from the dealers.

  • A second copy of OGRE Miniatures for $2 (with all the templates intact)
  • A copy of X1 Isle of Dread for $2 (highlighted, but very usable)
  • A copy of HR5 The Glory of Rome for $2 (missing the map, but otherwise in great shape)
  • And SPI’s “World War 2”, plus Avalon Hill’s Gettysburg ’77, Submarine, and War at Sea for $25 (mostly well-loved, but all seemingly playable, and Gettysburg turned out to be unpunched!)

On the whole, I am pleased with my acquisitions, although there wasn’t anything to match the 15mm Ral Partha hoard that set me on the whole Field of Glory kick. I have visions now of GMing an OGRE/GEV minis game at this July’s Dexcon now that I have a second rulebook. Gettysburg is heading off to my wife’s school, since she’s something of an aficionado of the battle (teacher, went to Gettysburg college, used to lead horseback tours of the battlefield) and will use it to teach her crumb-crunchers something about history (and manage to sneak in some mathematics, probability, and statistics into the bargain).

And as an aside, I have now sunk to a new low, as I had my hat handed to me by a 13 year old girl who managed to win the first game of Red Dragon Inn we played. She drunk us all under the table. Umbriago!

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3 thoughts on “Convention Booty

  1. I wish I could have made it up to play in your games. I really wanted to go to Dreamation but it was a busy week and the guys from Troll Lord Games were having a con about 20 minutes from my house. I hope to make it out to DexCon. Let me know if you want to set up another "Old School Con" inside the larger con. I'll help out however I can. I had a great time last year even though I was just there the one evening.

    I have been interested in Field of Glory myself. I have a real hankering to play some End of the Roman Republic battles

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