Word of the Day – “Staviary”

Staviary – noun, portmanteau formed from the English “stable” and “aviary”. An enclosure where flying steeds (ex.: pegasuses, hippogriffs, griffons, etc.) are cared for, fed, and sheltered until such time as they are needed for travel. 

“I will have instructions sent to the staviary, the place which houses the hippogriffs, and all will be ready at the appointed hour. Eight mounts and an escort of Her Majesty’s Guards will await. You will be taken as far as the northernmost edge of the Kron Hills.” – Gary Gygax, Artifact of Evil, p. 127.

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  1. Thanks for this. I made mention of "Skyriders" in the index to my dream Guide to Greyhawk. Much of the cartography wouldn't have been possible without them. Now I have an appropriate word in relation to them.

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