What do you do with Shedu when you don’t use psionics?

You make them mystics! Voila…

Number: 2d4
Morale: +7
Hit Dice: 9d12
Armor Class: 4
Move: 120’/min., 240’/min. (flying)
Magic Resistance: 30%
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d6/1d6
Defenses: See below
Attacks: See below
Size: L
Intelligence: 16
Alignment: Neutral good
Treasure Type: VII
Treasure Value: 1d6x10,000
Magical Treasure: 5 items (35% chance each)

General: Shedu (the name is both singular and plural) are magical creatures without fixed abodes that travel the world seeking to further the cause of neutral good, and they can be convinced to aid fellow travelers of that particular ethical outlook. To this end, they sometimes willingly serve particular deities of that ethos. They are frequent travelers on both the astral and ethereal planes, usually on some mission in furtherance of the cause of Good.

Combat: Shedu attack with their front hooves. In addition, they can use the following magical effects as indicated.

  • Become ethereal at will
  • Become astral at will
  • Telepathy sufficient to communicate with any intelligent creature within 60’, at will

Lastly, all shedu can cast mystic spells as if they were 7th level mystics. The number of spells they can memorize per spell level is as follows.

  • 4 1st level spells
  • 3 2nd level spells
  • 2 3rd level spells
  • 1 4th level spell

All healing and curative spells cast by shedu have double the normal effect.

Appearance: Shedu have the bodies of bulls, wise-looking human heads (males invariably have beards) and the wings of falcons.

(This is a sneak preview from the upcoming Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary.)

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4 thoughts on “What do you do with Shedu when you don’t use psionics?

  1. In general, can't you simulate or hand-wave psionic-like ability similar to the mind-flayer's mind blast? I don't do psionics either, but monsters could have the ability to do some freaky mind.

  2. Good answer! Now go for broke with a psionics-free thought eater 😉

    Something along the lines of the Thought-Eater employing spell-like abilities such asDetect Thoughts at will as a Nth level to first find the thoughts and then he "eats" them when he follows it up with a Feeblemind spell… Easy! 🙂

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