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So, being the pest that I am, especially when I get into something, I asked the good folks over at Steve Jackson Games’ online retail outlet Warehouse 23 what it would take to get the line of Ogre Miniatures back into production. And here was the answer:

“We’re currently working on getting a new casting company to produce all of our Ogre Miniatures, once that’s done we’ll have a steady supply of minis, hopefully in time for the new 6th edition.”

Oh, fraptious day! Callooh! Callay! My PanEuropean and Combine armies are nice, but I would definitely like to bump them up a peg. Plus I’m missing units like the Mark IV Ogre and the Dopplesoldner (not to mention the Mark I and Mark II).

Ogre minis have had a long and tortured history. Here’s hoping this works out.

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