Castles & Crusades Introductory Set Coming

Scott Thorne over at ICV2 has an interesting bit of news; apparently the good folks over at Troll Lord Games are planning an introductory set for Castles & Crusades. The whole article is interesting as well, with Scott musing on the utility of such introductory sets, and bemoaning their relative lack on game store shelves today. Definitely worth reading for that, but here’s the money quote for the C&C fans:

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Troll Lords Games comes out with the product they described in our discussion; a boxed set with quick start rules for Castles & Crusades, pre-made characters, a short adventure and maps for $10 to $15. That will give me two great value intro sets to use to move customers further into their respective product lines, with the hope of more to come from other companies. A store owner can wish.

Hey, I’ve got all the C&C rulebooks (some in several copies and/or iterations) and that’s something I’d wish for, too.

EDIT: Hey, I just realized that I made my 500th post a couple of days ago. Woot!

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3 thoughts on “Castles & Crusades Introductory Set Coming

  1. Congrats on your half-a-thousandth post 🙂

    There are not many game shops left in this area since the attrition of the 90's, but the largest one stocks C&C goodies. I recently scored 3 of the core books in the mini/digest format.

    An Intro set is not a bad idea for many games… especially if the price is nice! They can get their evil claws into you that way, which is usually a good thing – getting to try out a game without buying a bunch of books upfront is smart selling. You will get the itch to buy plenty more from a company this way.

  2. C&C's prices have always been low, but maybe this will draw in a few more interested gamers. I hope for their sake their editing/layout issues are behind them, but they're still paying Peter Bradley, right?

    I'd prefer a simplified version of Pathfinder, but I doubt that Paizo's basic set will be that.

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