Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual v 1.1 Now Available

The next iteration of the Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual is now available!

Version 1.1, which incorporates many dozens of errata, improvements, clarifications, and additions, is the first revised version to be presented since the inauguration of the open playtest earlier this year.

A complete enumeration of the changes would be impossible, but highlights include:

  • The Assassin, an optional class
  • Firearms, an optional system
  • Jester spells
  • Formatting changes throughout (especially tables!)
  • Cleaning up of spells; some new, some updated
  • Updates to the new character classes
  • Mage school specialization

And much more!

Please visit –> here <– to get the link to the new version of the Players Manual. As usual, I humbly request that commentary be done on the Adventures Dark and Deep forums.

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9 thoughts on “Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual v 1.1 Now Available

  1. What browser are you using, Scott?

    I had a little trouble with Firefox, but Explorer worked fine for me. and people *are* downloading it; I see the counter ticking up.

    I'm hoping the Firefox thing is temporary; it worked fine for me earlier.

  2. I, too, am having issues with downloading 1.1 with Firefox. It's particularly annoying as I can't access my account to upload the new Armies of Greyhawk entries either.

    Tomorrow, hopefully! And congratulations on raching the first step along the road of polishing for ADD… Val took 1.0 of the Player's Manual to work to proof, what timing eh? 🙂

  3. Have to wait till I get home to download it. The evil Firewall of Ultimate Doom will not permit me to get to it here in hell . . . er, the office that is.

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