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A hundred and fifty years ago, when the Drowning Death swept across Dornia and Eriania, not even the magnificent city of the dwarves known as Glitterdark was spared. The proud lords of the Great Gap shut their doors against the plague that swept the world of men, thinking themselves safe and secure against the blight, but to no avail. 
The same plague that made men abandon a quarter of their own towns had claimed the city of the dwarves entire. The once-bright streets and causeways deep beneath the earth were consumed by darkness and filled with the reek of death. The forges of the master smiths were silent, and the once-active mines were stilled. 
Since then, fell things have crept in from the dark beneath the dark and from the mountains beyond the gates of the city to claim the treasures the dwarves left behind. It’s been a century since any living man has trod the road to Glitterdark, and it has been almost forgotten by the bards and sages of men. 

But I happen to have a map given to me by an old gnome who visited the city once…

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4 thoughts on “Glitterdark Teaser

  1. Oh, yeah, that sounds like fun.

    Delving through plague decimated tunnels and vaults, looking for treasures of the dearly departed . . .

    Sign me up!

  2. I think my character has just been born amid the visions that post created…

    Damn, you're good.

    Word verification: hydroth. Given that it feels like 100 degrees outside, yeah. I doth need hydration.

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