DexCon 2011 Roundup

This year’s DexCon convention was certainly a triumph from an old-school point of view. We had upwards of a dozen old-school D&D events happening; Ravenloft, Isle of Dread, White Plume Mountain, and Ghost Tower of Inverness. All were very well supported (although I had a flub on my Friday night WPM game, with so many no-shows that I had to cancel), and a splendid time was reported across the board. I’ll try to post a more in-depth report of the Ogre Miniatures game tomorrow.

The Friday morning seminar was sparsely attended, but yielded a big result; next year, we’re going to try including some old-school hex-and-counter wargames in the lineup, and see how much interest there is. In addition, we’re going to at least double the Ogre Miniatures offerings (we had so much interest that I had to open up the event to additional players to accommodate the demand), and I might just have a surprise or two myself to offer.

All in all, a fantastic convention as always. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of northern NJ, I heartily recommend attending both Dreamation in February and DexCon in July. Fantastic bunch of people running them, and just about any sort of gaming you could be looking for, from LARPS to RPGs to Eurogames to computer games to Wii to miniatures to Scrabble.

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3 thoughts on “DexCon 2011 Roundup

  1. Threw my own pseudo-review up. Funny how we were writing these at the same time!

    Thanks for running so many games, and being a great guide and host!

  2. It was indeed a fantastic scene. I hadn't been to a con since 1985 or so and am so glad I came out of retirement. I enjoyed everything from B/X and first edition AD&D to a trivia contest Sunday. I'll definitely be back next year.

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