Bye, Bye Borders

Alas, it seems that the giant bookstore chain’s attempts to salvage some portion of their once-mighty empire have failed. The whole company is going to be liquidated.

“The liquidation of the company’s remaining 399 stores could start as soon as Friday, and the chain is expected to go out of business for good by the end of September, the company said.”

This is significant for the gaming industry, of course, because having gaming products in such large, general-use stores is useful in reaching out to potential new gamers/customers who might not otherwise seek out products online or in a specialty gaming store.

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8 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Borders

  1. Damn… with their regular coupon offers and borders rewards I've been slowly building up my WH 40K collection of novels/ They are also the only local place that has a decent stock of BBC DvDs.

  2. That sucks. It was always nice to be able to at least visit a 'game stuff' shelf.

    They also carried (and might still have) some of the WotC mini packs.

  3. Sad, but in no way unexpected. Borders has been mismanaging their funds and their corporate image since the days K-Mart owned them.

  4. Ever since Borders (and) B&N moved out of my vicinity years ago, I have to drive over 30 miles to find a credible bookstore(farther for a game store). No wonder online starts to look good.

  5. The one thing I will say is that at least Barnes & Noble can find various books that I've requested – Borders has never had a single thing I've looked for.

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