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Never let it be said that I don’t love me a good bandwagon! Tim at Gothridge Manor had a spiffy idea; post pictures of our dice collections, be they large or small. Here is my humble entry (click to embiggen):

I know, there’s a few non-dice things in there, but they live in my dice bag, so I figured it was fair. In the lower left is a Deck of Many Things from Dragon magazine way back when. The ones atop the smaller leather bag in the upper-left are my current set; pure pewter and they make a SWEET noise when rolled on a wooden table. The rest are the usual assortment, from various games, manufacturers, and eras. More than my share of GameScience dice in there, and right in front you can see two of the remaining dice from my first ever Holmes boxed set.

The tall black thing in the corner, being worshiped by the other dice like a Monolith by australopithecus, is a Dragonbone. Yes, it still works. Yes, I bring it to every game (it’s exceedingly useful when the party gets separated and I need to roll dice for someone off in another room where bringing a regular set of dice would be inconvenient). No, you can’t have it, but I might let you hold it briefly.

The bag itself is actually worth mentioning, too; it was a bit of RPGA swag from the mid-1980’s. It’s got a tear in the back that’s fixed with duct tape, but damned if it doesn’t still do the job of hauling my dice all over the place as needed.

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  1. Really nice collection! Those pewter dice look way cool — they immediately caught my attention as soon as I looked at the photo.

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