Looking for Trucks

Quick question– does anyone out there know of any 1:285 (or close) truck figures? I’m just looking for ordinary, military-style trucks. Nothing science fictiony, nothing fancy. The sort of truck you’d see in a WW2 movie.

I know GHQ sells a variety of different trucks in the scale, but $2 each seems a bit on the pricey side. (I’m looking at their Lancia Heavy Truck as a model, for comparison’s sake.)

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Trucks

  1. C-in-C seems to have them for $1.25 a piece. That sounds a bit more reasonable. Any other suggestions are, naturally, welcome!

  2. If you can get by without metal models, you can find paper models online, some free. If you can get them in digital format then they can be scaled and even edited and adjusted (including simplification for the smaller scale) with Photoshop, Illustrator, and similar freeware programs. Not quite as as impressive as well-painted miniatures but they provide endless units and customization, low cost, and easy storage. Just a thought…

  3. Link for you.


    This contains a massive array of different microarmour minis, with info about their manufacturers. You'll be able to get a great idea of the relative quality of them from this.

    Second link:
    Found at http://philbancients.blogspot.com
    Another comparison shot, it should help you make some choices.

    Personally, the Heroics and Ros sculpts are GREAT for the price. I mean, really great. But, if you want the best, I think the GHQ ones are among the better (and also the most expensive!) out there.

    So – Heroics and Ros. 😀

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