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I’m looking for a cover artist for an upcoming project which is on the fast track. Your chance for glory! (Unfortunately, not your chance for wealth; I’m on a shoestring with this one.) Details on request, but please folks I am *not* asking for leads on artists you like, or names of artists you like, or the Deviantart site of artists you like. I am only looking to hear from the artists themselves. If you have time to do a cover commission in the next two weeks (6″x6″, b&w, first rights), please get in touch with me either in the comments here or at Here’s a little something for inspiration, one of my favorite pieces ever from the pages of Dragon magazine.

EDIT (9/16/2011): An artist for the project has been selected. Many thanks to everyone who responded; I will be keeping all your emails on file for the future; there’s a lot more where this came from (hopefully).

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4 thoughts on “Artist Wanted

  1. Please check out my Deviant Art gallery. I also have a few drawings on my blog.
    I have never had anything published and my style is based on comic book illustration but I will do my best to adapt it if need be.
    I am of course willing to take all the input and suggestions you want to give.
    I will stay in touch and show you the progress of each step of the illustration for your approval.
    Thank you and have a great day.

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    My Blog:

    My email:

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