FTL Neutrinos Discovered?

Although I’m a huge science geek, I don’t often post science related stories here. However, this one had a few implications for science fiction in general, and sci-fi games in particular, and it’s cool as hell to boot.

Apparently, scientists at CERN have discovered that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light, according to their research. The finding is not verified, but it certainly does have astounding implications for the future of space travel if it’s true. “Engage the neutrino drive and set course for Epsilon Eridani V!”

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8 thoughts on “FTL Neutrinos Discovered?

  1. Granted, but if the speed of light can be breached in this way, it does open it up to being breached in other ways, making a FTL drive at least theoretically possible.

  2. One of the possibilities being mooted about is that the neutrinos might have used a "shortcut" through higher dimensions of space. That's a big hole for a hyperdrive to fly right through, for those who need some sort of plausibility.

    Of course, the most likely explanation is still measurement error, but still…

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