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I had heard rumors that the Skrull and Kree would be the villains of the new Avengers movie, but I don’t see any indication of that in the new trailer. But we do see Loki (from the Thor movie) there, so at least we know he’ll be amongst the villains. It’s entirely possible that this trailer simply doesn’t show the Kree/Skrull; time will tell (given their nature, it’s entirely possible they could be there and we just don’t know it yet). All I can say is that it looks quite excellent, at least as far as these two-plus-minutes show. Love the interplay between Cap and Tony Stark. But is that Nine Inch Nails in the background? That’s a bit tiresome.

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5 thoughts on “Avengers film trailer

  1. Wow. A film I'm actually looking forward to. The world clearly is about to end, ladies and gentlemen!

    But, you're right about the background track. I tuned it all out as just the same forced-emotional, strained, tired cliche that has been in every movie of the type for the past fifteen years. Blah.

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