November is Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month

November marks Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month! (Yeesh, between this and NaGaDeMon, November is going to be a busy gaming month!)

So go out and play some board game or wargame solo. Snap some pictures, and submit it to the Solo Nexus site. There’s really nothing wrong with playing with yourself. (Man, I am such a child sometimes.)

For myself, I’ll be digging out some old SPI hex-and-counter goodness.

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2 thoughts on “November is Solo Tabletop Gaming Appreciation Month

  1. I guess we'll all be designing solo table top games, and blogging about it in November. I just hope we don't have to do it in alphabetical order.

  2. My copy of Elder Sign arrived the other day and it's rockin' it pretty hard.

    And just like the Eternal Keep covers the news in general his blog got me to do one for solo gamers:

    I'll be adding new blogs as I find'em…it's still kind of new 🙂

    I think Dungeoneer is next for me…or RuneBound…still deciding…

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